[PD] OpenLab OpenNight #6: Weds 16th June, 8pm-midnight: The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

Robert Munro ml at robmunro.net
Fri Jun 11 16:01:01 CEST 2010

Sorry for cross-posting, please forward everywhere.

The next OpenLab OpenNight is scheduled for Weds 16th June 8pm-midnight: The
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club (Free Entry)

As usual everyone is free to join in just get in touch or add your name on
the WIKI. (http://www.pawfal.org/openlabwiki/index.php?page=OpenNight).

Line up so far is:

* Rob Munro: (PD video stuff)
* Lea Nicholson: (Supercollider+WiiMote)
* HYLICS: (1.4.2 mad [Nag around several investigations the hallucinations!
* Chun Lee: CMOS Noise (sound toys made with CMOS chips)
* Claude Heiland-Allen: KJHF preview (hyperbiblical brainfuck, abstract
visual code unfinished as of 6th June, could also talk/explain how it works)
* Yaxu: (Tidal + Acid sketching)
* Asscream: (con(fusion))

Hope to see you there ...
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