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ydegoyon at gmail.com ydegoyon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 04:50:46 CEST 2010

only someone wanting to take over
should override some basic pd objects no?

that's not bad spirit really,
that's the shit where we are,
everybody wanting to be the kalif hey ?

you can understand why there's no pd community


Kim Cascone wrote:
> IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
>> most users should never notice (unless in a pleasant way).
> if you instantiate a [print] object
> and don't know whether you are loading a buggy GridFlow [print] object
> or a working Pd [print] object
> then how is this logical, clear or concise?
> doesn't it make more sense to differentiate the two
> by calling one [gf_print]
> and the other [print]?
> wouldn't this be more (in your words) 'imperative' behavior?
> this way if I want to use a property of the GridFlow [print] object 
> for some reason I know I can call it using its name
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