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>> > or Psychic TV,
>> I didn't know they made industrial music. Do they ? All I have from
>> them 
>> is acid house and satanic funk.
>You should listen to older albums, like "Gondole".
>> > but industrialized music, that follows rules only driven by profit.
>> but the profit, that profit, what is it driven by ? eventually you
>> have to 
>> sell it to people who think it's art.
>> > Not really, but I imagine that if media only releases art defined by
>> > political, or monetarist rules, it's not art anymore, art IS
>> killed.
>> How deader was art back when Michel-Ange was having a contract with
>> the 
>> Church and the Church was a major political power ? What with those
>> long 
>> spans of art history in which if art wasn't about the bible it was
>> about 
>> the royal family. You can't get much more politically-controlled than
>> that.
>You only know art that has survived through the ages,
>and obviously those political controllers has certainly destroyed all
>the art that doesn't follow their own set of rules, for example, in France most of Celtic
>monuments has been replaced by catholic monuments.

There are "naughty" pieces by Mozart that have survived the ages, regardless of past Mozart scholars who 
have excluded them from their catalogues of the "complete" works of Mozart.  It may have been ignored for a 
bit, but the cult of genius generally trumps the opportunistic desire to destroy art.

Anyway, your point that "it's not art anymore, art IS killed" is clearly false.  Imagine a tyrant who declares that 
the only suitable music is a) by Beethoven and b) in C minor.  It's certainly a travesty that anything 
by Haydn or David Bowie would be banned, as well as Beethoven's 6th Symphony, but it surely remains a fact 
that Beethoven's 5th is still a great symphony, regardless of the tyrant's endorsement.

There are plenty of pieces of music that sell very well in times of nationalist fervor, or in general.  But it's sheer
confusion to say that these pieces _aren't_ art for that reason.  That's misdirected anger; the real problem is 
that other pieces are excluded because they either don't fit easily into a category, or they present an alternative 
viewpoint that sits uncomfortably with general opinion (i.e., dissident music).


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