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Sun Jun 13 16:33:59 CEST 2010

----- "Jonathan Wilkes" <jancsika at yahoo.com> a écrit :

> There are "naughty" pieces by Mozart that have survived the ages,
> regardless of past Mozart scholars who
> have excluded them from their catalogues of the "complete" works of
> Mozart. It may have been ignored for a
> bit, but the cult of genius generally trumps the opportunistic desire
> to destroy art.

 We know Mozart because he has his pretty face on candy boxes, like F.Z. used to joke.

> Anyway, your point that "it's not art anymore, art IS killed" is
> clearly false. Imagine a tyrant who declares that
> the only suitable music is a) by Beethoven and b) in C minor. It's
> certainly a travesty that anything
> by Haydn or David Bowie would be banned, as well as Beethoven's 6th
> Symphony, but it surely remains a fact
> that Beethoven's 5th is still a great symphony, regardless of the
> tyrant's endorsement.
> There are plenty of pieces of music that sell very well in times of
> nationalist fervor, or in general. But it's sheer
> confusion to say that these pieces _aren't_ art for that reason.
> That's misdirected anger; the real problem is
> that other pieces are excluded because they either don't fit easily
> into a category, or they present an alternative
> viewpoint that sits uncomfortably with general opinion (i.e.,
> dissident music).
> -Jonathan

 The problem is really actual, because it's related with this post-industrial period,
where almost anything could falsified, or duplicated, where the main concept
is about brain eating with a perpetual flow of those (duplicated&falsified) 
informations through almost all media, also used by "dissident people",
who actually would be represented by rappers, or DJ's.

 Here we have a kind of example of the musical continuity imaginated by E. Varese
where the musicians are removed to give the auditor always the same product.

 It's just a matter of time for anything individually created to be completely removed
from the mainstream, and replaced by a logo, a lobby, a brain firmware.

Patrice Colet 

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