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João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 13 21:08:16 CEST 2010

> it has nothing to do with apparences, you are using puredata and making  
> money,
> but it's not really a job, like web developper, or teacher, or sound  
> engineer, ...

I'm sorry, but I'm a musician, I study music since I was 11 (a late age to  
start), and I have several diplomas (not that they're worth anything). And  
Pd is my instrument, as it is the instrument I use the most to do my  
music. My job is to be a musician, it's what I studied all my life. I know  
that in some countries that doesn't count as a job, but on some others it  
(what I do sometimes to pay the rent isn't my desired job, but a  
compromise so that I can have my independence when doing music. although  
many people would see it in reverse)

>  I do gain more money actually with PureData by using it for some  
> installations,
> but I could use any other tool, if i'd be a good developper I'd make my  
> own tool
> with c code for example, or python, is C a professional tool? is python  
> a professional tool?
> No they are languages, why PureData isn't just considered as a language?

if they allow people to do profissional work, why aren't they professional  
as well?

what's professional? e.g. reason, which comes with a nice GUI and manual,  
and doesn't let you do a fraction of what you can do with pd?

is max/msp professional? if yes, what's the difference between that and pd?

is csound professional? it's free, it's taught in many universities, and  
used by many many composers. and for tape synthesis it's the best you can  

if by "professional" you mean "it's sold and people make profit from it",  
then in today's world it's such a worthy definition as to say "the website  
of this software is blue, therefore it's a good website".

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