[PD] random, but always start with X

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Sun Jun 13 21:06:11 CEST 2010

On 13/06/10 19:53, Ben Carney wrote:
> Im trying to set up a simple system where, each time a metro is triggered
>     on, 5 sound files are played, but they always start with sound file 1.
>     It has been a while since i have used pd regularly and it seems I
> once knew
>     the answer to this.
>     can any one shed any light?
>     best,

If you have 5 random numbers, but 1 of them isn't random at all, that 
leaves you 4 random numbers to compute (eg with [random]) :)

If you need randoms without duplication, that's more tricky, something 
like [urn] or [urne] should do the trick (search the pd-list archives).


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