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Mon Jun 14 15:51:39 CEST 2010

----- "João Pais" <jmmmpais at googlemail.com> a écrit :

> music. My job is to be a musician, it's what I studied all my life. I
> know  
> that in some countries that doesn't count as a job, but on some others
> it  
> does.
> (what I do sometimes to pay the rent isn't my desired job, but a  
> compromise so that I can have my independence when doing music.
> although  
> many people would see it in reverse)

 There are at least three dozen jobs in music industry, the necessary knowledge for using pd
involves at least half of those jobs, and we could virtually explore almost all of those jobs,
 I do believe you, no problemo...
> what's professional? e.g. reason, which comes with a nice GUI and
> manual,  
> and doesn't let you do a fraction of what you can do with pd?
> is max/msp professional? if yes, what's the difference between that
> and pd?
> is csound professional? it's free, it's taught in many universities,
> and  
> used by many many composers. and for tape synthesis it's the best you
> can  
> get.

 Ardour is a good example of a professional tool, because it supports professional audio hardware, 
the question about pd is biased because it does support most kind of hardware but the user still have to build
his own interface, so, professionalism doesn't come from pd only but from the immixtion of the tool and the user.

> if by "professional" you mean "it's sold and people make profit from
> it",  
> then in today's world it's such a worthy definition as to say "the
> website  
> of this software is blue, therefore it's a good website".

Patrice Colet 

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