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Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Jun 14 18:51:56 CEST 2010

I'm  trying to figure out the correct way to send control data to the 
svf plug

following how [plugin~]  is supposed to  work:

> the message is:
> "port <symbol:direction> <symbol:type> <symbol:name> <float:lowerlimit>
> <float:upperlimit>"
> with <symbol:direction> being either "in" or "out"
> with <symbol:type> being "control" or "audio"
> with <symbol:name> being the name of the port (e.g. "Amplitude random 
> (%)")
> and lower/upperlimit define the valid range of the value.
> for controlling, you use "control <symbol:name> <float:value>"
> <symbol:name> is not case-sensitive, and it tries to find a simple match.
> e.g. "Amplitude random (%)" can be controlled with "amp" or "AMPLItude"
> or "Amplitude random (%)".
> it will take the first port that matches, so if you have parameters
> "FrequencyUpper" and "FrequencyLower", then "freq" will match
> "FrequencyUpper", in order to control the other param you have to use at
> least "frequencyl"
in the terminal 'analyseplugin' for svf reveals this:

Plugin Name: "State Variable Filter"
Plugin Label: "svf"
Plugin Unique ID: 1214
Maker: "Steve Harris <steve at plugin.org.uk>"
Copyright: "GPL"
Must Run Real-Time: No
Has activate() Function: Yes
Has deativate() Function: No
Has run_adding() Function: Yes
Environment: Normal or Hard Real-Time
Ports:    "Input" input, audio, -1 to 1
    "Output" output, audio, -1 to 1
    "Filter type (0=none, 1=LP, 2=HP, 3=BP, 4=BR, 5=AP)" input, control, 
0 to 5, default 0, integer
    "Filter freq" input, control, 0 to 6000, default 440
    "Filter Q" input, control, 0 to 1, default 0.25
    "Filter resonance" input, control, 0 to 1, default 0

I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly to send the plug
I tried sending 'type' 'filter_type' filtertype' and other combinations 
for "Filter type" but it doesn't seem to like anything I try

*error: plugin~: plugin doesn't have a control input port named "type"*

ditto on 'Q' and 'resonance' although 'filter' seems to be accepted for 

can you point me to where in the code I might find out the correct 
syntax for a particular LADSPA plug?

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