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João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 14 19:36:40 CEST 2010

>  Ardour is a good example of a professional tool, because it supports  
> professional audio hardware,

ah ah ah. Pd supports professional audio hardware, I've been working for  
years with my hammerfall card.

I've tried already some times to work with ardour, and it always failed me  
(except this last version, it's more stable). I guess that could be a  
(very simple) definition of "professional": it does what it's supposed to  
do. Which I almost never had a problem with pd, and had lots of times with  

strange, I just heard from a friend that works in audio production that  
ardour *isn't* a professional program, because it's not good (he uses  
nuendo). he pointed out that they had the words "professional" in their  
website before, and it's not there anymore.

also strange, I remember of you mentioning a software with documentation  
as professional (or am I wrong?). Ardour has less documentation than Pd,  
and they *do* make money to support their developer(s), at least 4,5K$ a  

> the question about pd is biased because it does support most kind of  
> hardware but the user still have to build
> his own interface, so, professionalism doesn't come from pd only but  
> from the immixtion of the tool and the user.

bias: "inclination towards something; predisposition, partiality,  
prejudice, preference, predilection" (wiktionary). Maybe that's not the  
word you're looking for.

I guess if pd lets the user do his work, then it's professional enough.  
Execpt some externals that are buggy, and have no documentation, and  
therefore are unusable. That's unprofessional, to release such kind of  

>> if by "professional" you mean "it's sold and people make profit from
>> it",
>> then in today's world it's such a worthy definition as to say "the
>> website
>> of this software is blue, therefore it's a good website".
> sinceramente


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