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Mon Jun 14 22:03:41 CEST 2010

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:22 PM, Kim Cascone <kim at anechoicmedia.com> wrote:

> Dan Wilcox wrote:
>>  and I want to make sure the text is a) true and b) easily understood by a
>>>> n00b
>> This is where I think things should always go ... to the wiki or the Floss
>> manual! If a solution is found, pleasepleaseplease post it to a standard
>> place and then *everyone* can benefit and we don't get the same questions
>> every 6 months.
> that's exactly what I'm trying to do here :)
> and given that most, if not all, Linux audio apps can host a
> LADSPA/DSSI/LV2 plugin circa 2010 I see no reason why Pd shouldn't also be
> able to host one without 1337 secret handshakes, compiling src, chasing down
> deps, and other distractions to someone wanting to simply and easily host a
> plugin to do some audio processing
> mind you these 'l337 handshake' solutions are sometimes necessary when
> solving a Linux audio problem but should not be a 0th order approach to
> trying to use Pd in a production environment
> also, keep in mind I'm coming at Pd from 10 years of Max/MSP usage where
> the community is much less anarchic and doesn't share the political
> framework of being a FOSS app - which makes things less flexible at times
> but also imposes a certain standard, from the top down, on how things should
> work
> [...]

Guys, you are amazing, you are hijacking the thread AGAIN!

The practical effect why it sucks for me is that i archive informative
threads in gmail and this way i have to archive a messed up thread to have
the tiny bit of information (on how [plugin~] works) somewhere among the
1337 mails.

If i might comment a bit longer on the 'vibe' of this mailing list this one
time (and this list is not exactly the same as 'the Pd community'), yes i
was shocked a bit too at the first time... it seemed not so friendly, some
people seemed not to pay enough attention to what others wrote, and some
people seemed to carry on a partly educative, partly aggressive tone which i
particularly don't like.

After some time it just seems to me like most other 'communities', and my
own family and my own friends are not exceptions; it is a group of
individuals with all their different past and present lives and 'heavy
childhoods' and as a functional group they are not the most effective, but
you can learn a lot from them and even have good fun if you take it easy
(but not too easy).

One of the most interesting things going on lately has been the development
of social groups and virtual groups, and the development of free softwares'
user groups is definitely something very interesting, and, i would say,
something that has very a brief past compared to how long and bold it's
future i expect to be. Simply put, free software development has a *lot* of
experimentation to do concerning organization, decision making, etc - it's a
long way to go!

(All this said, i fully understand those who are unsatisfied by the current
ways, and i also fully understand those who are maintaining those current
ways, also those who challenge them, i just don't really understand when
people are inpatient, arrogant, or pointlessly negative. My 2 cents is: be
nicer to each others guys and don't drink&post...)

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