[PD] plugin~ external

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Tue Jun 15 05:00:39 CEST 2010

hc wrote:

Hey Kim,

Switching back to that topic  ;)   From my point of view Pd-extended is  
a giant thing.  There are many things that could be done to improve  
it.  Since you put a lot of effort into testing the plugin~ stuff,  
then its worth it to me to put effort into making sure the whole thing  
is smoothly integrated into Pd-extended.  That's my two bits...


of course I have a vested interest in being able to host plugins in Pd
I'm trying to move some of my Max/MSP sound design patches forward to Pd/Linux
so I can finish up work on a new CD
I'd really like to do some processing without resorting to firing up the old Powerbook and working in Max/MSP again...nothing against Max/MSP
but I'd rather keep everything Linux for now instead of bailing and taking the easy way out 
but I appreciate your help to integrate and if there is anything I can do to be of help to you please don't hesitate to drop me an email

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