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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 15 10:41:53 CEST 2010

On 2010-06-14 21:22, Kim Cascone wrote:
> it should NOT take anyone (even a Pd n00b) the better part of a week to
> figure out
> and
> b) that using [<symbol:name> being the name of the port] in [plugin~]
> doesn't work globally for all LADSPA plugs hosted by [plugin~] and that
> <symbol:#n_of_ctrl_port> does - at least in the ones I've tested so far

it does work globally for all LADSPA plugins hosted by [plugin~].

i have to say that you were using it wrongly (though i cannot find the
email were you explained exactly what you were doing: all threads are
totally messed up; the subject became meaningless;...)

in short it was something like:
info gave you something like the following
info: port out audio Out 0 1
info: port in control Trigger 0 1
info: port in control Velocity 0 10
info: port in control Frequency (Hz) 0 20000
info: port in control Resonance 0.001 1
info: port in control Frequency Ratio 0 10

and you tried to access (say) the "Frequency Ratio".
you tried (without success) to use things like "frequencyratio" and

this does not work.
the control name will be matched against all port-names and the first
with an exact match (case-insensitive; only the number of characters
given will be checked) will be used.

the _only_ freedom you have, is case-insensivity and
number-of-characters (as long as it uniquely identifies the parameter
you want to address); you cannot exchange characters at will (neither
can you replace "X" with "U" nor " " with "_")

so "Trigger" match the first control port (as well as "T" and "trigger")
"Frequency" (and "f", "freq",...) will match "Frequency (Hz)" (since
this will be found before "Frequency Ratio"..

if you want to access "Frequency Ratio" than you have to use something
that matches this name until it becomes unique (that is: up to
"Frequency R", to differentiate it from "Frequency (")
since all characters must match exactly (apart from the case) you have
to construct a symbol with a space in it.
again, there is no use replacing the space with "_" or "X" or "space" or
nothing at all.

it might be a good idea to allow underscores as well, but so far nobody
has asked for it.
also, i think that this is probably not so important, as you can just
reuse the symbol you got out of [plugin~].

anyhow, personally i don't think that the info-interface of [plugin~] is
particularily cleverly done.

i never used this object before.
i only made it not crash any more.
i probably will never use it again.
i don't think that using all those VST/LV2/runzelpunzel plugins out
there will make anything more professional.


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