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Tue Jun 15 12:32:34 CEST 2010

Saturday 26th June --- Live evening performance event with invited performe=
rs and all participants from the workshop!!!

Book now!

Participation is =A3100 and limited to 20 people.

Book online here >

For more information contact:

info at

Workshop leaders:

Luca Carrubba

summa cum laude in Sociology of Communication=2C Luca Carrubba has worked
for 5 years under the new media field as artist and independent
researcher. Formed between institutional and underground medialabs in
Barcelona and Madrid=2C he focus its production on the interaction
between audio and video=2C always share the practices and codes. Based
its action on certain keywords like DIY (do it yourself)=2C knowledge
sharing=2C accessibility=2C recycling and social movements. Also
participated in many workshops to spread free
software/technology/culture among Italy=2C Spain=2C England=2C Germany=2C
France=2C Argentina=2C Brazil=2C Palestine and China. He is now professor o=
new technologies for art in Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti=2C Brescia=2C

His works can be found at:

Oscar Martin

Mart=EDn holds a Fine Arts degree from the Universidad Politecnica of
Valencia=2C specializing in Sculpture and Audiovisual Media. That is
where he came into contact with sound art through Leopoldo Amigo y
Bartolom=E9 Ferrando. A sound explorer=2C he bases his work on the
deconstruction of field recordings and the creative use of technology
errors. Luthier-digital with a =93pure data=94 environment=2C which he uses
to develop his own experimental tools for processing and real time
algorithmic-generative composition. He can be placed somewhere between
Computer Music=2C the Aesthetics of Error=2C and generative Noise.

seeks the creation of virtual sound universes=2C imaginary soundscapes
that encourage active listening and a different sensibility toward the
perception of sound phenomena. He works under the open source paradigm.
All his work is published under Creative Commons licence=2C by different
recording labels and netlabels (dronerecords=2C tecnoNucleo=2C costellam=2C
etc.) .

more info: 		 	   		 =20
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please forward to interested people(s)&gt=3B&gt=3B<br><br>A10Lab presents a=
 5 Day Pure Data Workshop lead by Luca Carrubba and Oscar Martin.<br>
!!!CRAZY GENERATIVE A/V MACHINES!!!<br>Monday 21st - Friday 25th June=2C wi=
th a live performance on Saturday 26th June.<br>
aim of this workshop is to learn simple programming strategies for the
creation of audio/video software tools for live performances.
Generative or interactive pieces of software that let artists create
and control video streams and audio processing in real time.<br>
the workshop we will use puredata=2C a free (as a bird and as a beer)
graphical programming language particularly focused on the processing
of audio and video data in real time. Puredata is a tool for artists
who want to experiment with a different creation pattern=2C with a
freedom to build from scratch their own instruments. You don=92t need to
be a programmer to begin to build your tool. In 5 the days long
workshop you will learn the basics of the language=2C how to manipulate
or create a video and how to play with audio. At the end of the
workshop all the participants will take part in a performance event
open to the public.<br>

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