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Dear List

Some more PD muzik..

First i want to introduce the new dAAX!'s site after many derives in
different 'taz' on-line-lands...


I invite you to download and listen a couple of dAAX!'s releases that
now have been spread over the net, after been caught in the HD for
many time.
These have been produced in 2008 and 2009....




2616 (EP) is an exercise of composition and programming from
0. It is a single piece of 26 minutes and 16 seconds divided in two
parts (aaa/bbb). In the piece the generative soundscapes are produced
in realtime with different techniques of synthesis (FM,
granular,resynthesis), and
with a variable-range sequencer. Recorded in live at La Floresta
(Barcelona) in 2008.

((-_-)) is a release (EP) produced fragmentally in the whole 2009,
where 4 trakks with its own character connects algorithmic and
experimental sounds with the next modes and styles:

dub (((- -)))
electro-tech d((- -))b
IDM !- -!
down Tempo :- -:


enjoy !!

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