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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 15 19:36:09 CEST 2010

On 2010-06-15 19:12, Kim Cascone wrote:
>> and you tried to access (say) the "Frequency Ratio".
>> you tried (without success) to use things like "frequencyratio" and
>> "frequency_ratio".
>> this does not work.

it's not meant to work, so it doesn't surprise me very much...

>> it might be a good idea to allow underscores as well, but so far nobody
>> has asked for it.
>> also, i think that this is probably not so important, as you can just
>> reuse the symbol you got out of [plugin~].
> I'm not sure this is a very good approach to using the [plugin~] external

this i don't know.
but i also don't know whether we are talking about the same thing here.

> and I'm surprised you don't know about the following schema that Tim
> Vets posted

why? i don't use [plugin~], how am i supposed to know?

> which is much more simple than needing a manual on 'grep' for getting
> correct control names:

where does the "manual grep" come into play?
it seems like i missed it, and i have no idea why anyone would need to
use "grep" here.

>> [0\
>> |
>> [control #n $1( |
>> [plugin~ svf]
>> where n is the number of the parameter (so #1 or #2 or #3 ..etc)
> isn't this much clearer and 'somewhat' more intuitive?

i don't know.

i personally find it highly non-intuitive to use the numeric id of a
i seem to remember that in the given example there was an "Amplitude"
control, but i have no idea which number this was.
thus, i would prefer to use [control Amplitude $1( rather than
[control 2 $1(

> maybe [plugin~] should count control ports and use this <#n> instead?

i don't think i understand what you mean.
do you think the output with [info( should be
"port 12 in control Frequency Ratio 0 10"
(in the case that the "Frequency Ratio" control is really #12)?

you can do this simply by adding a counter to the patch.

>> anyhow, personally i don't think that the info-interface of [plugin~] is
>> particularily cleverly done.
> if a Pd user needs a semester of 'how to use grep' in order to send

again, why "grep"?

>> i never used this object before.
>> i only made it not crash any more.
>> i probably will never use it again.
> then you should probably be glad for this sort of feedback? isn't this
> all helping the Pd devs to chase down these bugs so they can be resolved?

i was merely volunteering to fix a bug where a lot of people have been
whining for ages.

of course i'm happy if people help fixing a problem (even if it's not mine)


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