[PD] dmx and pd

Nick Burge tectp at telefonica.net
Fri Jun 18 16:30:11 CEST 2010

I would like to use pd to control some lights via a wii device. I am on 
linux 10.04.
I have the wii up and running in pd, I have compiled dmx512 from the iem 
repository, and have the objects dmxin and dmx out in my pd/extra 
directory. Since these objects depend upon dmx4linux I tried to compile 
the dmx4linux programme which is supposed to create a dev/dmx 
directory...... but so far it does'nt do so. The latest version goes 
back to 2008, so it may not be viable with Lucid.??
Typing dmesg i see my dmx usb pro interface is recognised as dev/ttyUSB0 
when i plug it in.
But the pd objects will not create.
Does anyone on the list have a viable dmx system (preferably using 
enttec dmx usb pro) set up on linux that they could inform me about?

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