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PD Exchange Summit, Zagreb, gallery NANO, Gajeva 25, 22-25.06.2010

PD Exchange Summit will be held in gallery NANO, Zagreb, Gajeva 25, from
22nd to 25th July as a part of Experimental Electronic Interventions

Gallery NANO invites all with interested in sharing, exchanging and
working together. Focus is to create a loop activity where people would
exchange parts of their creative visions. Moderators will support the
whole process with creating and sharing PD patches for audio and visual
collaborative real time performing.

Program: day time will be spend in short presentations of 5 minutes
where each participant can explain ideas, development or share visions
about specific project. Second part of the day will be spend in swapping
parts of the code so people can try out other peoples patches, change
them, reshape and transform them. This process will help us in creating
a group work. During evenings a place for collaborative performances in
video and sound will be staged with all participants who show interest.
Collaboration is a focus, there will be no individual works but all
individual works will be fused in one.

Gallery NANO opened its doors for unusual non-exhibition event that
focuses on active participation. Interaction goes on a level where
gallery visitors not only interact with artwork, but are creating
artwork together with artist. This artwork is in constant change and
work is in constant progress. PD Exchange Summit (PES) is based on ideas
of Free Culture, where collaboration and cooperation is overcoming
individual representational artistic work into group works.

10:30 - 11 individual introductions
11 - 13, 14 - 17 group work
20 - 21 exhibiting/performing the days work

Idea and organization: Kruno Jo??t, Zagreb;
Guests: Guy van Belle, OKNO.be Belgium, Lenka Dolanova, YO-YO, Czechand
Michal Kinderny, YO-YO, Czech;
Gallery NANO curator: Martina Mezak.


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