[PD] Tracking color with GEM+Pdp

Olivier Baudu lamouraupeuple at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 18:51:23 CEST 2010


I would like to track different colors at the same time with my web cam so
I've try different way.
I begun in GEM with [pix_movement] and/or [pix_alpha] and/or
[pix_background]. It was quite good until I wanted only one tracking.
With two, it begun more complicate to configure [pix_alpha] in RGBA to
dissociate the spots.
So, I've tried [pdp_ctrack] which is very powerful but in some situations it
would be better to process only with moving pixel.

I thought [pix_2pdp] would be the solution to use [pix_movement] before
[pdp_ctrack] but it seem not to work with [pix_video] in RGBA colorspace,
and in YUV I loose the color information after the [pix_movement] process...
(By the way, I can't have simultaneously my webcam in GEM and in Pdp with
[pix_2pdp], but, maybe, it's normal)

What can I do ?

Is there a [pix_movement] for Pdp I didn't find yet ?
Is there a way to chose precisely the color to configure [pix_alpha] ?
(maybe by converting the colorspace  with
[pix_rgb2hsv] but what to do after ?).

Of course, if you have a solution for tracking color without answering my
questions, I'm still interested. :-p


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