[PD] [folder] external?

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Thu Jun 24 23:44:24 CEST 2010

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jun 2010, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>> A different issue:
>> Line 1019 of playlist.c:
>> class_sethelpsymbol(playlist_class, gensym("playlist.pd"));
>> But the help patch is "playlist-help.pd," so pd apologizes:
>> sorry, couldn't find help patch for "playlist.pd"
> just delete that line.
> btw, it's a good idea to put the comma outside of the quotes, in this 
> case. English has conflicting standards about this kind of thing... 
true, British rules say the "comma", follows the quotations
while American rules states the "comma," stays tucked inside
same for periods/end of sentences

not sure about the exact rules (US or UK) pertaining to "!"

but my guess is exclamation marks should be placed
outside quotation marks if intended to be in the author's voice
and inside if the original speaker was being demonstrative

I can't believe he actually said "w00t"!
He was so excited by his discovery of the [foo] external he exclaimed 
in this case the period follows the exclamation mark inside the 
quotations but not sure if this is correct...

> it took me a long time before noticing the problem, but it happens 
> once in a while. It's the same when quoting someone and the writing 
> style makes it look like the exclamation mark was from the original 
> author but it was actually added later, because the particular 
> standard of English being used does not allow a distinction there...
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