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> On Thu, 24 Jun 2010, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> > The trick is to use a [#slice] to extract the information to sort 
> > about ; however the [#slice] needs to know the height of the grid,
> so 
> > you need a [#dim]. the [#unpack] and msgbox is only one way to do it
> in 
> > two steps : you can also do [# * (1 0)] [# + (0 1)] and there are a
> > bunch of other equivalent ways. Then, when you have a grid of size
> (n 1) 
> > and you need to get it to size (n), you'd do something like [#fold
> +] or 
> > [#fold put],
> Actually, in the case where you only want the last column, you can
> skip 
> [#slice] and [#dim] and just use [#fold put].
> Therefore, if you only want the last column, you can flip the grid
> using 
> [#reverse 1] before using [#fold put].
> And if you know the number of columns in advance, you can select the 
> column using a one among zeroes, as in [#inner (5 # 1 0 0 0 0)], which
> in 
> this case is the same as [# * (1 0 0 0 0)] then [#fold +] (this 
> equivalence only works with simple cases of #inner, those where the 
> right-inlet has only one dim)

 Thank you it's been useful.

 I'd like to use also this thread to expose another problem, it's about to get how [#for 1 3 1] works,
it often outputs this message:

dimension mismatch: from:Dim[] to:Dim[1] step:Dim[]

 The object works good when I try manually, but when it's done with triggers,
this message come in a way that is really hard to trace,
 When inlets are triggered by the same flow, something sometimes comes at the outlets.

 Attached is an exemple of what I'm trying to expose. 

 I do understand that there is a GRID_FLOW time as it's explained in [#finished] help file
but the lack of pratical examples really slows the understanding of a "good use" of gridflow class objects.



Patrice Colet 
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