[PD] DeviceCycle for not reinventing the (jog)wheel

Christian Frisson christian.frisson at uclouvain.be
Mon Jun 28 16:31:51 CEST 2010


I presented at the NIME 2010 conference a modest toolbox for pd.

DeviceCycle offers a currently small number of abstractions and objects 
to facilitate the rapid prototyping of gestural interfaces, using 
off-the-shelf devices (plug and play event mappings, filtering towards 
"gesture" recognition):
* Contour Design Pro2 and Xpress jog wheels, 3Dconnexion Space Navigator 
3D mouse using [hidio] (hcs et al)
* Novint Falcon force-feedback 3D mouse using [np_nifalcon] (K. Machulis 
et al, reusing also E. Berdhal's HSP toolbox)
* OSX-only Apple Macbook Unibody multitouch trackpad with a flext port 
of [fingerpinger] from anyma.ch

The first alpha version is available here, and has been tested on OSX 
Leopard only so far:

Please send me your comments on the design and usability. The 2-finger 
rotation abstraction is still buggy!

I have other devices available (Hercules DJ Control MP3, Wacom Bamboo 
Pen & Touch...), support pending.

It would be great once it is in an acceptable shape that it would be 
directly integrated into the pd-extended release! I've just read on the 
flext list that flext objects integration on pd-extended is underway.


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