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On Sun, 20 Jun 2010, Eduardo Patricio wrote:

>>   http://artengine.ca/matju/musique/matju_-_gamelan_binomial.mp3
>> nice tune, man!!

>Here's a remade version :

>  http://artengine.ca/matju/musique/matju_-_gamelan_binomial_version_trois.mp3

>This one has lower pitch, chorus effect (by detuned pairs), 17 voices instead of 11 (in order to accomodate the pairs ; the 3 drum voices aren't >doubled), I changed some details in the mixing... and most of all, this one doesn't loop over 28 measures, doesn't loop at all, and instead >contains 128 measures (the logical extension of the first 28). I could have put even more because even though this is a very simple pattern, it >doesn't repeat (before a damn long time). If I listen past the end of what I actually recorded, there is more and more and more. I had to cut the >score somewhere (though I would have liked to keep more).

>What do you think of it ?

I like it! But since you've explained some things you've done, I could try to say more than just "great tune, man". 
And besides, It's great to have a discussion about music structure and, maybe, aesthetics, here on the list.

The chorus effect is interesting, I believe it contributes to the timbre you're building. I like the lower pitches too. But I like the previous sound better. In the previous version the timbre is more clear, bright and detached  from the drumming background, I like that. Maybe you could find a way to explore both, low and high pitches, creating variation. In general, I believe that if you could do this, variation, connected to some sort of underneath developing formal structure (which means you could say, my music goes from here to somewhere else, tracing lines...), this tune would be even better. One element you could try to vary could be the selected pitches. What is your present criteria for the pitches? Maybe you could use different sets of them, each one with strong intervallic characteristics, for different "sections" of your tune... Another element could be the "concentration" of notes, when you have less or more spaced notes it creates different
 relations to the constant drumming background and I believe it's very interesting to listen to that, multiplies the perceptions!!
 I don't know.  Maybe I'm talking to much. Sorry if I am.  : )



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