[PD] cannot add pd-extended repository in ubuntu 10.04

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 18:03:53 CEST 2010


I tried to follow the instructions at 
http://puredata.info/docs/faq/debian to install Pd Extended in ubuntu 
using the repository.

In particular:
"For pd-extended, [...] You can either add this line [...] Or you can 
add it in the GUI administration program Synaptic (in the Settings  -> 
Repositories menu, then the Third-Party Software tab). Choose the line 
for your version of Debian or Ubuntu from the options below:
# Ubuntu/lucid 10.04 LTS
  deb http://apt.puredata.info/releases lucid main"

I guess the "third party software" tab (that is mentioned everywhere and 
doesn't exist) got replaced by the "other software" tab.

I added the deb line there, but when I try to reload the package indices 
I get this error:

"Failed to fetch 
404 Not Found
Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones 
used instead."

After this, if I search in the packages list I can only find "puredata" 
(which was already included i think) and few pd libraries but no 

How can I fix it?

I know I can just download the package from puredata.info directly, but 
there's no "lucid" package there. Will the Jaunty package available 
there be the same thing I would get if I could add the repository to 


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