[PD] Problem with Textfile and line with float

matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 12:47:01 CEST 2010

Ok I understand, It's a pity
We will try to do something else, no problem

IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :
> On 2010-06-30 10:27, matohawk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Yes I know but the order it's important because this is a backup of a
>> data structures Score.
>> So I can't change the order.
> in this case i would use something like:
> $ sed -e 's|float|Float|g' scorefile.txt > newscorefile.txt
> and use the newscorefile.txt instead of the original one.
> (of course you might want to refine the sed-expression, e.g. use
> 's|^float |Float |' or 's|\<float\>|Float|g')
> it's a limitation in Pd's parser and you currently just should not use
> the symbol "float" as anything else but a selector for numbers.
> fgmasdr
> IOhannes

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