[PD] interface/pd-based standalone applications question

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Wed Jun 30 12:50:34 CEST 2010

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 9:46 AM, David Schaffer
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> I'm neither nuts, nor a consumer. I just happen to be impressed by a patch
> I came across a while ago, it was a TR 909 emulation and looked very
> professionnal. It's basically what I'm trying to do: building pd patches
> (like improved media players, virtual FX racks, video dispatchers...) that
> can be used by non-pd people, people who are used to interact with
> "standard" user interfaces, see?
The 909 emulation was nice, but i couldn't make it work on Linux. (not only
Pd but Processing was needed too).
So, you can always control Pd from an external GUI using network messages,
but you have to do it smart to keep it platform-independent.
Web-Pd is a project i'm very interested in - when it gets vanilla
functionality, we'll have a chance to fabricate wonderful GUIs while staying
in the browser, which means staying platform-independent (eventually
browser-independent too).

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