[PD] interface/pd-based standalone applications question

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Wed Jun 30 13:35:43 CEST 2010

Chris McCormick is working on it, alone as far as I know.
(Don't want to talk for Chris) but it seems to me he's interested in porting
oniy pd-vanilla tilde objects.

And he would need help too.

Anyway he published some useful guidelines and I think it shouldn't be
difficult for someone knowing Javascript to port other externals or stuff.



> > Web-Pd is a project i'm very interested in - when it gets vanilla
> > functionality, we'll have a chance to fabricate wonderful GUIs while
> staying
> > in the browser, which means staying platform-independent (eventually
> > browser-independent too).
> >
> are you the one doing this work? do you have any deadlines about when it
> will be finished?
> will it be vanilla-only, or is it possible to add externals?

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