[PD] software license for pd general patch?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Jun 30 20:30:35 CEST 2010

On Tue, 29 Jun 2010, João Pais wrote:

> Not that I'm expecting to become rich with the paypal button

BTW I tried to get paid for a contract by PayPal and this was the single 
most expensive fees I ever got in a money transfer, by very far. Next 
time, I'm gonna just be very patient and get a real paper cheque be sent 
over the Atlantic by snail-mail and have it cashed in a proper 
institution. So even if Desjardins (the cooperative bank of Québec) tells 
me they need to "freeze" the funds for 7 days or even 14 days, in any 
case, it's still worth more respect than PayPal. This is not the fault of 
my employer either, as neither of us could imagine those humongous fees at 
all. I don't know how it differs for smaller payments. What is your 
experience ?

> (I'm sure it won't even make up for the time already spent working on 
> this),

Don't forget that you also made this for yourself (if you did ?), and that 
it might have brought you lots of knowledge and experience that you are 
using in your daily patching ever since. It's like the "time wasted 
looking for a same bug for 40 hours"... if you take it apart, the 
usefulness of the hours is much different from what the basic accounting 
of it would have you believe.

> but in order to work even further on this I would have to be cautious, 
> and hope that at some point I get the conditions to sit down, being sure 
> that the month's rent is covered.

I think it works better in situations of vertical integration. Sell 
customised solutions built around your patch. That's how you get more 
control on the financing of your patch and of your life. But I don't 
really have much of a lesson to teach. It's not like I can make a real 
living out of that alone either, it's more that it seems a lot more likely 
than waiting for PayPal.

>> Joao didn't say it is a goal in itself, he just prospected a likely future. 
>> While it is not necessary, project often (or even usually) do grow in 
>> complexity as further work is done on them.
> once again, the reply I would have written myself.

I said that, about complexity, because it seemed like a piece of the 
explanation was missing.

>>> Why won't they ? and then, why bet that it will work ?
>> I think he said he doesn't want to bet it will work,
> Mathieu, I don't understand where you got the "why bet that it will work" 
> line.

Sorry, I mistakenly wrote a line that looked reverse of what I wanted to 
say. I mean you can't even assume that most people wouldn't figure out 
right-click Open. If there's any big incentive to do it, it takes one 
knowledgeable person to show a newbie a cool thing one can do by opening 
the gop, and the rest of the newbies to copy the trick from each other.

> If you mean that the patch will work,

No, didn't mean that either.

> any deterrent is better than no deterrent.

How can you assume that ?

> Or I would have to follow each copy with a couple of handshells.

no idea what that sentence means, sorry. (what's a handshell ?)

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