[PD] software license for pd general patch?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 30 22:23:08 CEST 2010

> all. I don't know how it differs for smaller payments. What is your
> experience ?

sorry, no experience at all. only made payments with it, never was paid  
with it.

>> (I'm sure it won't even make up for the time already spent working on
>> this),
> Don't forget that you also made this for yourself (if you did ?), and  
> that
> it might have brought you lots of knowledge and experience that you are
> using in your daily patching ever since. It's like the "time wasted
> looking for a same bug for 40 hours"... if you take it apart, the
> usefulness of the hours is much different from what the basic accounting
> of it would have you believe.

naturally I get experience everytime I patch two objects together. but  
what's there now has only 5% of what it was in the first version  
(including a different design, to cope with some of the features I wanted  
to put in; and lots of features). without counting on much of the effort  
put in just to (try to) make it usable by anyone - like having four  
possible spoken languages (and several are already on the list to be added  
not that I won't use it myself (although I hardly need it), but most of  
the work was to make it usable for others. which seems to pay off, someone  
said he just learned the syntax in a couple of minutes, and in 15m had put  
in his whole piece (not a big one, though).

>> but in order to work even further on this I would have to be cautious,
>> and hope that at some point I get the conditions to sit down, being sure
>> that the month's rent is covered.
> I think it works better in situations of vertical integration. Sell
> customised solutions built around your patch. That's how you get more
> control on the financing of your patch and of your life. But I don't
> really have much of a lesson to teach. It's not like I can make a real
> living out of that alone either, it's more that it seems a lot more  
> likely
> than waiting for PayPal.

even being optimistic, I wouldn't hope to live alone on that. what I meant  
was at least to do enough to now and then sit a week on this and add  
something new (as said, I have a list of features to put in for a next  
I have other things to think for now, but there are two that have already  
thought about:
- if someone wants a feature in, ask them xx to finance it (that would  
make an even-even balance)
- since to make the patch work it's necessary to write the bar structure  
in a text file, I was also thinking of offering a service to do that. so  
the client would get a textfile with the patch, which he then can use.  
that would also make many more people use the patch, because many of them  
would just prefer to practise the hard way instead of transcribing the  
score (which isn't that hard in the first place, but some people aren't  
made for it).

> Sorry, I mistakenly wrote a line that looked reverse of what I wanted to
> say. I mean you can't even assume that most people wouldn't figure out
> right-click Open. If there's any big incentive to do it, it takes one
> knowledgeable person to show a newbie a cool thing one can do by opening
> the gop, and the rest of the newbies to copy the trick from each other.

even if it's a bit optimistic, if this patch gets around, it can also help  
to disseminate Pd. but what I mean is that there are many people who  
really don't want to do more with the computer than send mails and browse.  
some of the work I put in was to cater for those people.

>> any deterrent is better than no deterrent.
> How can you assume that ?

I guess it won't make a difference at all, people who want to go inside  
will go inside and take what they need/want. but since I put many effort  
into it (effort that isn't really for myself), I'm looking for a solution  
that allows me to keep working on this without sacryficing the rest (as I  
did so far).

>> Or I would have to follow each copy with a couple of handshells.
> no idea what that sentence means, sorry. (what's a handshell ?)

handcuffs, was thinking in german when I wrote it.

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