[PD] Masses of ctlin in abstraction causing CPU Overload

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Wed Aug 4 14:22:11 CEST 2010

Well, if you are trying to display all the values in number boxes at the 
same time, and the digital mixer is sending them at a very fast rate, 
then yes Pd will choke on it. The numbers themselves aren't the problem, 
it's Pd's crappy graphics interface!

The attached abstraction is from the "mapping" library. It's used in the 
subpatch named [pd display values without pegging the cpu] in the 
arduino-help.pd patch, so I suppose it should do just that.

It works by resampling the input number stream every so many 
milliseconds. The creation argument should be the number of milliseconds 
between each sample. First inlet is the number stream to be resampled, 
the second inlet is in case you want to change the resampling rate.


On 8/4/10 2:06 PM, Christoph Kuhr wrote:
> Hi there,
> im working on a digital mixing desk,
> any channel is build of 33 MIDI CCs one CPU has to manage 8 channels
> for using ctlin with dynamic arguments, i put it in an abstraction, did
> two multiplications and two compersisons.
> when i change a CC value the pd-gui is getting REALLY busy, computing
> about 20 minutes for that one value.
> do you have any ideas, on how to do that more CPU saving?

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