[PD] Masses of ctlin in abstraction causing CPU Overload

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Wed Aug 4 14:47:01 CEST 2010

to limit the rate of graphical interface, "resample" alone is not a good solution, as it will generate a data at fixed rate even if the input did not change.

you can use "resample" + a "change" object. but this create more latency than using only a "speedlim" object.
speedlim can be find on different lib, here is a vanilla version.

anyway, i think solving the problem is more "not generating so many information" than "removing useless information"


Le 04/08/2010 14:22, Derek Holzer a écrit :
> Well, if you are trying to display all the values in number boxes at the
> same time, and the digital mixer is sending them at a very fast rate,
> then yes Pd will choke on it. The numbers themselves aren't the problem,
> it's Pd's crappy graphics interface!
> The attached abstraction is from the "mapping" library. It's used in the
> subpatch named [pd display values without pegging the cpu] in the
> arduino-help.pd patch, so I suppose it should do just that.
> It works by resampling the input number stream every so many
> milliseconds. The creation argument should be the number of milliseconds
> between each sample. First inlet is the number stream to be resampled,
> the second inlet is in case you want to change the resampling rate.
> Best!
> Derek
> On 8/4/10 2:06 PM, Christoph Kuhr wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> im working on a digital mixing desk,
>> any channel is build of 33 MIDI CCs one CPU has to manage 8 channels
>> for using ctlin with dynamic arguments, i put it in an abstraction, did
>> two multiplications and two compersisons.
>> when i change a CC value the pd-gui is getting REALLY busy, computing
>> about 20 minutes for that one value.
>> do you have any ideas, on how to do that more CPU saving?
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