[PD] [announce] Integra Live 1.0.0 (beta)

Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 16:58:03 CEST 2010

Ok ,thanks!
I'll try the linux version when it's ready!

2010/8/4 Jamie Bullock <jamie at postlude.co.uk>

> Hi Pierre,
> On 4 Aug 2010, at 09:54, Pierre Massat wrote:
> >
> > What is Integra for, exactly?
> It's for composing and performing live electronic music.  Of course there
> is existing software that allows you to do this (Max, Pd etc), but Integra
> Live aims to be an order of magnitude easier to use.
> > And does it do things that cannot be done (at least not easily) in Pd?
> And when are Linux' and Windows' version to be released?
> >
> Currently in terms of DSP it can't do anything that can't be done in Pd
> since it uses Pd as a processing engine. However, it makes very easy many
> things that take a lot of time and knowledge in Pd. For example:
>        - 'high level' modules (e.g. reverb, granular synthesiser) out of
> the box
>        - module controls (sliders, buttons, dials, x-y pads) generated
> automatically
>        - integrated state saving
>        - global time line with per-attribute control envelopes
>        - scene-based cue system
>        - infinite undo and redo
> The next version will also have per control OSC addressing, for external
> control.
> I can't give you a specific date for release, but I anticipate some time
> early 2011. The aim is to get the OS X version stable first and then make
> the Linux and Windows releases.
> best,
> Jamie
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