[PD] [PD-announce] GridFlow 9.10

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Aug 5 00:36:23 CEST 2010

GridFlow 9.10 !!!

source : http://gridflow.ca/download/gridflow-9.10.tar.gz
precompiled :

--------------------> http://gridflow.ca/ <---------------------

version 9.10 (2010.08.04):

  * added examples qbert.pd, remap_video.pd
  * removed example play_video.pd
  * [#lop_space]: faster; added method "reverse"; added default args
  * fix division by zero in [# C./] and [# C./conj]
  * added [# C.inv*] [# /exp]
  * [#pack]: support multi-element list in left inlet
  * [#join]: no more "empty grids" (default value is 0)
  * better error messages for not enough args, too many args, wrong args, etc.
  * [print]: make more like the builtin [print] it overrides
  * added index of General Topics, in GridFlow Index
  * incompatible change in [doc_exist] (which was for internal use only anyway)
  * incompatible change : removed numtype abbreviations that no-one ever
    used, that is : u8 i16 i32 i64 f32 f64 (kept the shorter ones : b s i l f d)
  * incompatible change :
    renamed [gf.not_open] to [gf/not_open]; [gf.oneshot] to [gf/oneshot]; etc.
  * [#many]: add methods : bgcolor, spacing
  * incompatible change in [#many]: removed $4 and $5 arguments for specifying
    the size of the cells (now it is autodetected)
  * added [#many-prop] (properties dialogue for [#many])
  * updated GEM support to prevent crashes due to imageStruct 93 being different
    from imageStruct 92 (or even from recent versions of imageStruct 93).
  * added classes [attr] [doc_section] [gf/propertybang] [setargs]
  * added classes [#to_pdp] [#from_pdp]
    (but unlike for GEM, gridflow as a whole doesn't require PDP)
  * [args]: fix bang bug (bang was ignored since loadbang support was added)
  * added [display] and [#see] to the Put menu
  * added more missing documentation
  * [#to~]: added multichannel support
  * [#to~]: $1 (number of channels) now defaults to 1
  * [#print]: right-justify floats at 10 chars per number column
  * [#to_float],[#to_symbol],[#to_list]  aliased to [#to_f],[#to_s],[#to_l]
  * [#io.quicktimeapple]: report total number of frames correctly
  * [#draw_polygon]: fixed some inaccuracies in rendering
  * [#draw_polygon]: fixed bug in check of number of dimensions of color grid
  * [doc_accolade]: add method 'color'

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