[PD] Yet another post about cpu consumption... (for Linux users)

Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 09:26:50 CEST 2010

Hi all!

I m running into a problem right that has to do with cpu consumption, but
not with GUI. In my live guitar processing patch i use the core of Miller's
Phase Vocoder patch for time-stretching. It records bits of what i play and
time-stretches them.
Now my problem is that it freaks out at times, the sound gets dirty like
audio drop-outs, and this is correlated with higher cpu consumption. The
thing is that I made my patch as carrefully as i could, that is with minimal
GUI and no bangs blinking all the time, and switch~ objects to cut the audio
within all the subpatches that are not in use at a certain moment in time.
Also, my time-stretching subpatch works fine most of the time, in effect i
can use it for two hours in a row without drop-outs. Yet sometimes it just
freaks out.

So i was wondering, could this be my Fedora desktop that's messing things
up? I have Fedora 12, rt kernel, with the standard desktop (which i guess is
GNOME?). Would it make sense to try another desktop, like Xfce?

I read in a post somewhere that Miller uses a specific desktop which is very
light and ideal for work audio work, but i can't find it now.
Any advice welcome!

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