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hi dima,

you might want to search the max/msp/jitter forums as well, there are several posts about using multiple firewire cams on osx.
the most efficient solution seemed to be unibrain fire-i, up to 4 were daisy-chained iirc.


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> Hi all, 
> Coming out of the lurker mode to ask a question here :) I am kicking around an idea for a work that would require four camera inputs. The video streams would be remixed in realtime and output via a single projector. Was wondering if anyone has played with the scenario and has some advice  to offer? 
> OS-wise I could go with ether OsX or LInux. I am looking for the max resolution from each input. Hopefully at least 320X240. Ideally higher. Camera-wise I was looking at two solutions 1. four cameras go into a multiplexer and then I grab the four different quadrants from the video stream or 2. four firewire cards (might be too much of a brute force solution:) + might run into some interesting driver issues).  Also, is there an advantage to having two boxes processing inputs and then sharing them over a network i.e. using more then one computer for this work?  
> Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
> 										dima
> Dmitry "Dima" Strakovsky
> Assistant Professor of Intermedia
> University of Kentucky
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