[PD] [FM Discuss] Portuguese translation of the PD manual

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 12 16:36:29 CEST 2010

> I think mainly the object list of the FLOSS Manual needs to be  
> translated:
> every new user of PD wants a "cheat sheet", and I know it's a right-click
> away from them, but some times, at workshops for instance, it's good to  
> have
> a piece of paper to show all the from-basic-to-powerful objects.

I think exactly the object list is what doesn't pay up to translate. I'll  
try to list the reasons:

- it makes sense to translate the tutorials, as some people can learn the  
techniques faster
- but anyway Pd's operating language is (and it will be for much time)  
english. Since all help files are in english, it's not possible to go  
beyond a certain level in Pd without coping with this. Having the object  
list in english slowly makes people get used to this reality
- I compiled this object list, and am fed up with it - it had to be done  
with copy-paste. Of course I have nothing against someone translating it,  
but I won't be doing it myself.
- this list is, in theory, already obsolete 5 minutes after being done.  
There are always new objects, or (some) existing objects can be changed at  
any time (in real life very few do). so in english it's already not a  
perfect solution, and in another language it will be even less. unless  
someone wants to stick with the list for a long term.
- for now it's not a priority for me, but I will at some point try to find  
an "automatic" way of generating an updated object list of pd-ext (now has  
around 3000 files in the /extra folder). so, don't look at the list as  
something stopped in time, but as something flowing (at a slow speed)

If you want to coordinate some effort to translate the floss manual, I  
suggest to leave the list for the end, or even not do it. But it's my  
I would also suggest to translate the patches that come with Pd - or did  
someone do it already? Many people complain that Pd doesn't has such nice  
tutorial patches as Max-MSP, but it has almost the same ones. People just  
don't know about it.

I don't want to get deeply involved in the organisation, but I put some  
hours at some time translating/revising material. I will do it in pt-pt,  
and whoever wants can change it to br-pt.

João Pais

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