[PD] Start patch automatically on bootup with or without monitor (Ubuntu 10.04)

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Thu Aug 12 18:53:32 CEST 2010

Hi there,

is it possible to start a patch automatically on boot up containing both an
audio and GEM patch either with or without a screen?

I got a patch that contains some kind of gui working with GEM while the main
audio patch doensn't need any graphics. All editing can be handled with a
LCD remote unit.
With the monitor connected everything works as expected. The problem is that
Ubuntu (10.04) won't boot without any screen connected.

I tried not to start X and fluxbox and go directly to the Pd patches. That
didn't work!
It still only boots (in text mode) with the monitor connected.

Is there any way to detect if a monitor is hooked up and connect to some
kind of a "virtual monitor" if not?

Could VNC be used for that? (Though I don't really need or want a remote

Thanx for any hints,

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