[PD] Start patch automatically on bootup with or without monitor (Ubuntu 10.04)

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Fri Aug 13 11:46:03 CEST 2010

Hi everybody!

@ José:

> Hi, maybe is a lofi solution but works...need a cd...
> I created an autorun cd on ubuntu...first create an empty file called
> and edit with gedit or wathever

That might be a good idea if I had a cd-rom in the box but unfortunately I

@ Cyrille

> depending on your gpu, you can override screen detection, so that your
>start graphical interface when no screen is detected.
>look for xorg configuration.

That one is actually working. I had to add this to "xorg.conf"

	Section "Device"
	        Option          "NoDDC" "1"

This way Ubuntu wouldn't search for the screen. Now I only have to detect
whether a screen is present or not and start the 2nd patch with "-gui" or
"-nogui" . I think


should somehow work for that.

@ Bernardo

> I don't know but maybe create a perl, python or bash script that creates 2
> instances of PD, one with GUI and other without GUI?

That won't change the fact that Ubuntu won't start up. Changing the command
line to start the Pd patch is already good enough for that.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think Cyrille's way is the best way to
go with my setup.


>>2010/8/12 Ingo Scherzinger <ingo at miamiwave.com>
>>Hi there,
>>is it possible to start a patch automatically on boot up containing both
>>audio and GEM patch either with or without a screen?
>>I got a patch that contains some kind of gui working with GEM while the
>>audio patch doensn't need any graphics. All editing can be handled with a
>>LCD remote unit.
>>With the monitor connected everything works as expected. The problem is
>>Ubuntu (10.04) won't boot without any screen connected.
>>I tried not to start X and fluxbox and go directly to the Pd patches. That
>>didn't work!
>>It still only boots (in text mode) with the monitor connected.
>>Is there any way to detect if a monitor is hooked up and connect to some
>>kind of a "virtual monitor" if not?
>>Could VNC be used for that? (Though I don't really need or want a remote
>>Thanx for any hints,

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