[PD] Object List (was: Re: [FM Discuss] Portuguese translation of the PD manual)

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 16 12:10:34 CEST 2010

> Here's an object list I dynamically created, relying on the
> PDDP tags that I added to each patch.
> http://puredata.info/Members/jwilkes/object-list/view
> It makes use of
> pddp/helplink (although I'm finding that for objects that all
> share a common help patch, like [cos] and [sin], helplink
> doesn't work).  It's in order of file name, so it's not quite
> alphabetical.
> But rather than a big static list, I'd like to see a nice
> object search function that can generate a list relevant to the
> user.  (Especially when searching for externals.)

I'll look at it later. I guess that would be a nice system, but it needs  
that the developers also take their part, or allow that someone formats  
their patches (or makes them write one in the first place).

If the developers do their part, I think this would be a great system. But  
since I'm used that they don't I was thinking myself of a "dynamic"  
database which scans the /extra folder. Added items (based on filenames)  
would be formatted once, and then fixed. New items would have to be  
formated once by hand (copy-paste the description...), but then would  
remain in the library. I thought of this because several people don't  
follow any guidelines (which don't exist), so it's not possible to trust  
the developers to help with that work.

But your system would be much nicer. Maybe would it be possible to make  
code submitabble only when there's a help patch with it, or generate these  
tags through svn? It's not that much work to add that to the vanilla  
objects, it's worth the effort of doing it once - I could help with that,  
if St Puckette allows it.


(Btw, I still didn't send you my related objects for you to add)

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