[PD] GEM: pix_film terribly slow in Ubuntu

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Aug 16 12:46:00 CEST 2010


On 2010-08-16 12:30, Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
> Hi IOhannes,
> thanks a lot for your help.
>> it seems like a missed the information about the exact version of Gem.
> It's 0.92.3 (Pd version 0.42.5-extended-20100601)


>> we need to know at least which backends are enabled on your system (you
>> get that information the first time you create a [pix_film] object).
> Here's what pix_film says:
> pix_film:: quicktime support
> pix_film:: libmpeg3 support
> I guess if only these are enabled it is because no more are available on
> the system, do I guess right?

actually it means, that the version of Gem you are using has been
compiled with only these 2 backends.

>> then we need to know which libraries you have installed to support these
>> codecs (e.g. if you have the QT4L backend enabled, which version of
>> libquicktime/libquicktim4linux do you have installed).
>> it's probably enough to send the output of
>> $ ldd /path/to/Gem.pd_linux
> Here's the output of ldd:

 actually, my request was a bit non-sensical as i don't learn very much.

however, from your backend list i learn, that your h.264 file is decoded
using libquicktime (since libmpeg3 won't).
you could try to play back the movie with the command line player
"lqtplay" (part of the quicktime-x11utils).
see if this one behaves as badly (if it does, then Gem is not the
culprit - it's just the backend library that is so slow)


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