[PD] [SOLVED] process control: startup priority/cpu weirdness?

Damian Stewart damian.ml at frey.co.nz
Mon Aug 16 14:18:52 CEST 2010

solved - on ubuntu or any other system without inittab, the solution is to edit (eg) /etc/init/ttyS2.conf and change 

where ttyS2 is one of the ttys - in my case, it's the built-in serial connection on the beagleboard.

exec /sbin/getty 115200 ttyS2

to something like:
exec /sbin/getty -n -l /usr/bin/autologin 115200 ttyS2

where autologin is a tiny c program:

int main() {
     execlp( "login", "login", "-f", "your_user_here", 0);

then add the program you want to run to the bottom of ~/.profile ...

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