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Eduardo Patricio epatricio at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 20:39:56 CEST 2010

On Mon, 16 Aug 2010, Eduardo Patricio wrote:

>> I don't know if it's a known bug or not. But I found that if I use accents like 
>>'^' in my comments and I want to make some later corrections (deleting a letter, 
>>typing more etc.)the cursor appears dislocated. I'm running 
>>Pd-0.42.5-extended-rc4-macosx104-i386 on OSX 10.6.5. Am I missing anything?

>Is GridFlow loaded ? It forces Pd to use UTF-8 (Unicode) on OSX, so that it 
>produces patches that are loadable on Linux, and so that I can write accents at 
>all in Linux. Then it also has that side effect, that the cursor is off, because 
>I couldn't make a  complete fix of Pd from within an external.

>The complete fix of character encodings was published at the beginning of the 
>year, but Miller and Hans don't want to apply it on Pd 42.

>I'm betting that there won't be a 'pd-extended stable release' with proper UTF-8 
>handling until late 2011. That's why I made this hack last year.
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Yep. GridFlow is loaded.

thanks, Mathieu


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