[PD] Using dual processor to manage 2 Pd at the same time

Pedro Lopes pedro.lopes at ist.utl.pt
Tue Aug 17 17:15:10 CEST 2010

Can you clarify this a bit further?

What are the two things you want to sync? (Arduino and pd? No need for OSC
for that...but very do-able)

(your OS can tell you in which CPU a process is running, there are several
cmd tools in linux for that)

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2010/8/17 João de Brito Rocha Reis Vidigal <jbvidigal at gmail.com>

> Any idea on how to get the first Pd working with one  processor and the
> second with the other?
> I'm using the Arduino firmata to trigger both sound and video. I think I
> can't open twice the same port! So how can I use the OSC then to sync the
> triggering!?
> On 17 Aug 2010, at 16:05, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Aug 2010, Pierre Massat wrote:
> > Does this mean that in Linux and on a dual core machine one instance of
> Pd only uses one processor?
> No, it doesn't mean that.
> But all the messages and signals circulate in a since thread (on a single
> cpu) unless you use special tools to split it into several threads.
> Then there is the "client process", which "own" the patch windows and the
> main window. This runs separately.
> Also, [soundfiler], some GEM input/output classes, and much of PDP, can run
> in an alternate thread.
> > Is there a way to know which processor it uses, and whether it always
> uses the same processor?
> No idea... I still run a single-core all day long.
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