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Hey David

I think it's probably an open-source thing as much as anything. There's a lot of resources out there for Pd which are freely available. (For a 'getting started' guide, I'd recommend the floss manual). It's a bit of a paradox in the open-source community that free resources tend to inhibit more traditional forms.

Having said that, if someone wants to pay for 'PD for dummies' I'd gladly get writing tomorrow. Perhaps an e-mail to the publishers?


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    I recently bought two books on the processing language and I realized there were at least 10 books I could have chosen from. As far as I know, pd has only two books about itself ("bang" and "loadbang") How come ? Is this only a userbase issue? having a pd book like "getting started with processing" would be great to get new people to use the language. It should be real beginner level, teach you the basic programming skills and show you all you can do... is anyone working in that field?





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