[PD] Loading Gem's abstractions

Miha Tomšič miha.tomsic at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 15:20:09 CEST 2010


I am using pd 0.42-5 on Linux and yesterday I compiled Gem 0.92-3. I
am very happy with new Gem, but I have some minor problems with
loading Gem's abstractions.

When loading gem/examples/02.advanced/12.Hsv.pd the abstraction
objects [hsv2rgb] and [rgb2hsv] don't get loaded.
I can get the objects created using [Gem/hsv2rgb] and [Gem/rgb2hsv],
but it's not the optimal solution because some of the Gem's
abstractions include other abstractions from that dir and I would have
to change all those abstractions.
The other solution is adding /usr/local/lib/pd/extras/Gem to the -path

It's not that I am helpless here, I am just wondering why those
abstractions are not found automatically, since Gem.pd_linux and all
the -help.pd files that live in the same dir have no problems getting
loaded. I know I should look at the loading code, but before I start
digging... just maybe someone else already saw this as a before and
has some answers.

Thanks and take care,

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