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The more books the better, in my err... book. (pun intended.)

What follows is just my opinion.

<rant>I think that books are really very helpful for a number of reasons,
not least of which because they give you a chance to think more
conceptually, away from the screen. That is a double-edged sword, however,
because many books are not very useful away from the screen (e.g. "for
dummies" books) and they soon become obsolete.

There's a second-hand book store in Bristol where all the computer books are
£1. The rationale is that demand for a book on, say, Photoshop 5.0 is low. I
think it's very important that printed books retain a conceptual element.

For something like GridFlow, I think it would be really, really great if
there was a book which spent some time explaining how it works. I'd
certainly buy that. I'd find it very hard to justify the purchase of a
printer set of help files on their own.

In my experience, books tend to be used where a student seeks further
explanation on something that was covered superficially; when they really
struggle with a concept and need a different and more detailed explanation;
and when I point them specifically to a chapter or section of a book.  The
book becomes a resource in the learning process, rather than a compendium of

- martin

On 21 August 2010 18:25, Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Aug 2010, Martin Dupras wrote:
>  In my opinion, published books dealing with open-source subjects also
>> contribute a perception that it is not just a fringe curiosity.
> What would you think of a book form of something such as the help files of
> GridFlow ? If only to achieve the double goal of having one more book about
> Pd and having a set of helpfiles polished enough and proofread enough to
> become something we'd be proud to call a book.
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