[PD] polygon(3)2obj >> abstract, presentation and example

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Sun Aug 22 22:21:59 CEST 2010

hello filipe,

i've made lot's of new stuff for obj exporting, but did not announce them since no one was interested until now
you should have asked!

what i curently use is an abstraction.
i need to polish it a bit if i had to share it, but the way to use it is :
create a patch like you are used to, using rotate / translate / repeat / etc
replace the "square" object with "obj_square" object
(need work for the other primitive, but nothing complex)
create and bang a obj_exporter object and that's it!


Le 22/08/2010 21:56, philippe boisnard a écrit :
> Hello Cyril
> Nicolas told me that.
> Here is only an abstract and not an object.
> we searched the object [cube2obj] but have not not found.
> I'm interresting
> but I can't create object.
> but jI try to create an abstract which would recover all data from a
> complex figure polygne is iterative :
> for example after iteration :
> [t b a]
> I I
> [100( I
> I I
> [until] I
> [gemlist]
>> since 3d printing is now very popular, Gem can be a good way to create
>> models.
> Yes it's exactly my way
> br
> p

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