[PD] synchronizing a seq-textfile using c_seqplay to a metro

mark edward grimm mgrimm at syr.edu
Mon Aug 23 04:48:14 CEST 2010


I am using the seq_conversion in c_seqplay from rjdj lib to convert a
midi file to a seq-textfile. I am aware that the "tempo $1" is
relative to the tempo in the textfile. How do I get that tempo from
qlist in c_seqplay? Ultimately I want to get the tempo from qlist and
convert so it is relative, using [tempo $1{, to synchronize to a
master metro. Any idea how this is done? Synchronizing a seq-textfile
using c_seqplay generated from a midi file to a metro? I have read
docs but can't figure it out....


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