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Mon Aug 23 12:49:57 CEST 2010

hi all,

sorry for posting an OT mail to the mainlist, but i really want to have
as many opinions as posible on this.

i (as list admin) have just received an email by somebody who wants
their mail to be removed from the archive:

August, 22 2010

I posted a message on the pd-announce list, being not aware that it was
a public list: http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-announce/XXXX

Someone replied to my message, also publicly, on the pd-list list:

Today, I ask you to remove these two messages from your website,
because I don't want my name to appear publicly on the web.

If they are not removed within 15 days, I will do the necessary to sue you.


i must say, that i'm a bit perplex.

while in principal i'm not opposed to removing the post if they have any
problems with it,
however, i find the tone at least impertinent, and would prefer to not
give way to a threat to sue.

i have thus answered:
hold on!

i understand that you probably don't want an unsubscribe request to be
available in a public archive.

however, all the pd-mailinglists have always made it clear, that
everything will be archived and made available to the public.

thus, by subscribing to one of those mailinglists, you have given your
agreement that all your postings to the list will be made available via
those archives.

furthermore, you are of course free to ask that your posting is removed
from the archives.
however, if somebody replied to your posting and has made this available
to the public, then i don't see what entitles you to request a removal.
it is their posting.

the pd-lists are an open forum.
they are no place to threaten people with sueing.


what do you think of all this?


IEM - network operation center
mailto:noc at iem.at

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