[PD] laptop for pd/gem

pierre pierre at 314r.net
Thu Aug 26 15:06:08 CEST 2010

Hi all
I'm in the way to buy a laptop theses days and would know if someone could give me a good advice,
I need to install a debian (or ubuntu) system on it.
I'll use the laptop for audio/video liveshows with pd/gem, with many GEM objects so a good graphic card is needed
I have a max ~900euros  budget.

Short story :
Some years ago a bought an asus a8js with 7700Go nvidia graphic card,
very good performances and linux friendly, worked perfectly with all debian/ubuntu distros I've used and I've done a lot of lives and works with it...
This card have burned and damaged all my motherboard ! This is due to a very bad graphic nvidia (proprietary) driver, explanations here :

Now a lots of laptop are shipped with ATI cards, so my questions are :
- are ATI cards goods for pd/gem users ?
- is someone here have any advice on a good laptop for pd/gem use
Thanks in advance for any comment/ideas,


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