[PD] [PD-announce] [31-08 :: 03-09 ] workshop in prague : introduction to real-time media and interactivity with pure-data

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Fri Aug 27 19:13:07 CEST 2010


next week in prague :

'real-time media processing and interactivity with pure data' :
an introduction workshop to the wonders of
real-time interactivity using
open-source environments like pure-data.

for who ? :

this workshop is aimed at people working
in performance art and interactivity,
no specific computer knowledge is required,
but a real interest in real-time processing
is recommended.
( no cryptic programation skills involved ).

people wanting to make a small prototype
of an interactive project
are the most likely to find some
inspiration in these sessions.

where ? :

theatre "alfred ve dvore" :
Františka Křížka 36, praha


when ? :

from tuesday 31-08 to friday 03-09,
in the afternoons ( 14:00h to 19:00h )

themes :

* basics of real-time processing in pd ( sound and video )
* computer vision for pd
* basic setups for different contexts : dark room ( theater ),
outdoors ...

modalities :

participants should bring a computer
and video devices ( webcam or cameras ),
if you come with a pc with windows,
we will set up linux/ubuntu on it
( it doesn't hurt ! )

this workshop is part of the invaze festival :
the workshop is free, donations are welcome.

for more informations or if you can't access
to the space, contact Ales Zemene :

+420 77 313 96 96


sevy at trafaćka

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